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All of this for linux, perhaps specific to SUSE.


    sudo pm-suspend

Set CPU speed


Set policy (called a governor) for cpu speed:

    sudo cpupower frequency-set -g powersave

Where governor (only the interesting ones):

  • powersave - minimal CPU speed usually (800MHz)
  • performance - max CPU speeds

Setting clock frequency directly (-f, -u, -d options) doesn't work as intended.

Is set for all cores.


    sudo powersave -f    # Set performance governor
    sudo powersave -l    # Set powersave governor
    sudo powersave -A    # Set dynamic speed governor

View current governor:

    sudo powersave -c

Monitor battery

    sudo powersave -b

Example output:

         Remaining percent: 88%
         Remaining minutes: 171
         Charging state: Discharging

Monitor CPU speed realtime

    watch grep \"cpu MHz\" /proc/cpuinfo

Example output:

    Every 2.0s: grep "cpu MHz" /proc/cpuinfo                                   Sat Nov 15 19:00:03 2014

    cpu MHz         : 1600.097
    cpu MHz         : 3324.511
    cpu MHz         : 3481.933
    cpu MHz         : 3503.027
    cpu MHz         : 2866.796
    cpu MHz         : 2882.324
    cpu MHz         : 2404.199
    cpu MHz         : 2622.363

Disable cores at runtime

    sudo sh -c "echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu<n>/online"
  • Where <n> the core number eg [0..7] on Lenovo
  • Apparently doesn't do much for power saving
  • echo 1 for enabling it again.

powertop tunables

Tab tunables sets pm settings for various devices

source: Check which options are good & bad

  • Most gains from enabling PM for wireless * bluetooh
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Page last modified on November 15, 2014, at 07:23 PM