1. Basic Notes
  2. Breathing
  3. First Tune
  4. Meri/Kari
  5. Chin Meri Type

Other Info


I'm Wim and this is my shakuhachi yuu which I bought somewhere in march 2007. After fiddling around a bit with it, I realized that I really need a teacher to master this instrument properly. The nearest teacher is 200km away, however.....

So I looked around on the internet for advice and found waraboushi on YouTube, who posted some 'crappy videos' (his words) of his excellent playing. This looked like a guy who knows what he's doing, so I mailed him for tips.

To my suprise and joy, waraboushi actually started to give me lessons by e-mail. I wasn't expecting this, I thought he would pass me a few links. So I am very grateful for his attention!

This site records the lessons learnt from him and anything else that relates to shakuhachi playing.

Check out waraboushi playing for yourself